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AutoGrid® Accessories
Accessories for strain analysis
AutoGrid® Accessories
For experimental strain analysis with the AutoGrid® system, it is necessary to mark the component to be analysed with a measuring square line grid. The used marking method should meet the following requirements:
  • Exact correspondence between the change in the marking pattern and the real material deformation
  • Good detectability and high contrast even after intensive tool contact
  • As little influence as possible on the forming behaviour
  • High precision of the measuring grid
To meet these requirements, we offer accessories for electrochemical marking which are optimized for use with the AutoGrid® system. The measuring grid templates we offer are supplied in special aluminum stretching frames. This is a condition for the high-precision generation of the measuring grids on the forming material (tolerance < 0.01 mm). The measuring grids are optimally adapted to the point detection of the AutoGrid® system.
In order to meet the different requirements for the local resolution of the deformation analysis, grid stencils with line spacings of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 mm are included in the standard delivery program. Other line spacings are available upon request.
In addition to the recommended electrochemical marking, these measuring grid stencils can also be used for screen printing.
AutoGrid grid marking accessories
3-point coding
The measuring grid patterns contain additional orientation points in alternating arrangements. This 3-point coding makes it easier to identify the respective grid meshes in the 3D image set and thus helps to shorten the evaluation time and to link single measurements to an overall image more quickly.
3-point-grid AutoGrid
DigiGrid XL
XL-sized grid stencils make it possible to mark larger areas in just one operation. Compared to the standard stencil, the DigiGrid XL screen has a 3 times larger grid area. Thanks to digital printing technology, the DigiGrid XL grid stencils can be flexibly designed according to customer requirements.
AutoGrid DigiGrid XL
Electrochemical marking
We supply the chemical liquids required for electrochemical marking. Most ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be marked with the electrolyte E1. Neutralyt N2, stencil cleaner R3 and the coating of the grid stencils are matched to the electrolyte E1.
On request, we can also supply the electrical marking device required for applying the marking grids.
AutoGrid chemical liquids
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