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AutoGrid® comsmart
Strain analysis in the press shop
AutoGrid® comsmart
Strain analysis is a proven method for evaluating, optimisation and monitoring of forming processes. Strain analysis allows to evaluate the process reliability of the forming operation. Direct comparison of the determined strains with the forming limit curve of the respective sheet metal material provides valuable information for effective and stable sheet metal part production. The AutoGrid® measuring technology for strain analysis has proven itself under industrial conditions in stamping plants for over 20 years. With device generation AutoGrid® comsmart, users benefit from the possibilities of mobile technology and an integrated processor solution. The lightweight and compact measuring device works wireless and can be used as a stand-alone image recording device under real rough press shop conditions.
At a push of the recording button, a set of images is captured by four synchronised cameras, each with a pixel resolution of 5 megapixels. An integrated touch display allows visual image control and operation of the measuring head. The image data is transferred to the host computer of the AutoGrid® system for evaluation.
AutoGrid comsmart
Features of AutoGrid® comsmart:
  • Lightweight, compact carbon housing
  • 20 million pixels per 3d measuring image set
  • PC independent image recording
  • Display with distance indicator
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Integrated blue LED flash light
  • Wireless operation for image recording
  • Standard PC as AutoGrid® system host computer
  • Laptop as AutoGrid® system host computer for mobile use
AutoGrid comsmart press shop
AutoGrid® comsmart is the solution for:
  • Tool adaptation and optimization, tool buy-off, maintenance
  • Quality monitoring
  • Trend analysis of current production
  • Analysis of problems
  • Comparison with simulation results
Measuring Head AutoGrid comsmart
AutoGrid® Software
The AutoGrid® software performs the image evaluation and strain calculation automatically. A wide range of visualization options are available for displaying the results. Using customer-specific templates or existing templates, test reports can be generated automatically for documentation purposes.
AutoGrid comsmart measuring result
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